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Peer Project Learning by scientists from Ecuador

From left to right, scientists: Eduardo Montero, Oswaldo Valle and Florencio Pinela

Radio Latina en Dublin had the visit of three scientists from Ecuador: Eduardo Montero, Osvaldo Valle and Florencio Pinela, who were sharing the new Peer Project Learning with the University College of Dublin UCD. They new model of education Peer Project Learning (PPL) is an interactive student-centered curriculum, which can be easily adopted by any instructors who want to change their roles from delivering information to managing a complete set of instructions. PPL is designed to meet the goals of STEM, and consists of Peer Learning in the classroom and Project Learning in the lab. In PPL, students take an active role to build up their scientific knowledge through the pre-class reading, conceptual questions in Peer Instruction, team problem solving, development and presentation of project. (Pinela & Seo, 2015). Do you want to know more about this new model of education? Listen the show here.

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