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La Verdadera Destreza, Spanish fencing system with Nathan Gray

Nathan Gray, instructor of La Verdadera Destreza

Radio Latina last show had an Irish guest promoting the historical Spanish martial arts «La Verdadera Destreza», he is Nathan Gray, instructor/teacher of Gray School of Arms and Academia da Espada based in Dublin. La Verdadera Destreza means «the true art», which is the military Spanish system of fencing, with principles and concepts that are applicable to a range of weapons such us: Single military cut and thrust side sword, sword and dagger, sword and cloak, sword and rodella, sword and buckler, long-sword, montante and pole arms such as the pike and halberd. Nathan gave a short explanation about the system and inviting all those interested to become a fencer. More information on Did you miss the show, you can listen the show here:

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