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Cultural and spiritual practices of Arhuaco tribe in Colombia

Photo: Ana Ilba Torres indigenous leader from the Arhuaco, Colombia.

We have a packed show for you this week. Mariateresa has sent us her section as usual, this week it
is on Beauty Secrets so keep listening for that. Daniel, our newest volunteer is here in the studio and he is going to chat about everything important in the sports world this week. Sarah Jane will tell you all about the upcoming events in Dublin so you can get planning the rest of your week and weekend, and Sinead has prepared another interview for us. This time it is with Ana Ilba Torres Torres, indigenous leader and lawyer from the Arhuaco tribe from the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta in Colombia who speaks of the cultural and spiritual practices of her people, their relationship with the land and the importance of looking after the environment and recreating peace in the region. That’ll be coming up a little later on.

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